Skills Training & Serving


CfC is situated in one of the poorest parts of South Africa with very high unemployment. This is also an area with one of the highest incidents of HIV Aids and teenage pregnancies in Southern Africa. There is an estimated population of 90 000 people on our doorstep, many of which are young adults without work or skills to find a job.

The goal of the skills development strategy is not merely to help people to gain proficiency in skills in order to get a job but reach out to the lost for Christ and to disciple those who come to faith in Christ, seeking to join them to Bible teaching churches.

Starting in 2016, CfC Ministries will endeavour to start a small scale “skills development training program”. This will include basic training such as computer skills; building; carpentry; plumbing; baking; dress making; etc. These will be expanded as assessment is made on the job market in the area. Other training such as small business skills as well as life skills will be taught.

CfC Ministries would like to invite other churches and organisations to partner with them in this program.