CfC Newsletter August 2016

In 1 Peter 1 : 15 – 16 Peter calls the child of God to a separated life, for the God whom we serve is holy. How do we live such a holy life? Peter directs us in verses 13 – 16 with the following advice on holy living:

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CfC Newsletter May 2016 – Issue no 223

In Genesis 2:15 we read that after God created man he placed him in the Garden to work and take care of it. After the Fall, God said to Adam that he will work hard and will cultivate food through painful toil and by the sweat of his brow. (Gen. 3:17 – 19). In the New Testament Paul makes a thought-provoking statement when he said that if a man is unwilling to work then he shall not eat (2 Thes. 3:10).

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Equipping the saints…

So – how old must a saint – child of God – be before we give them some serious attention?? We at SCBS were deeply challenged at our last week of Bible School when a couple from a Children’s Ministry in Gauteng, shared God’s heart about children with us. Some comments were made about the church in Africa repenting about sincere error in their view of children. Didn’t even our Lord in his ministry on earth often refer to little ones or even called a child into their midst and taught His disciples important life lessons? Our hearts were touched when we were guided in leading young ones into the very presence of God. Indeed – anybody in Christ – no matter what age – can hear the Shepherd’s Voice and work with Him to touch lives. We will do good to acknowledge and treat children as the church of today – and not of the future. Together we are His Body!!

CfC Newsletter February 2016

2016 is well on its way. The prayer on our heart is that God will keep and guide you in this year, and that through your life and ministry Jesus will be glorified. In order for you to pray more effectively for us, and to promote the work of CfC, we felt it right to start the year off by sharing with you the objectives for ministry as endorsed by the CfC Council. (A full copy of the full CfC Ministries Objectives document is available on request)


Between two Nations

Lying in the hills inland from San Lameer and approximately 4 kilometres from the sea, the CFC (Crusade for Christ) Campus lies between the Zulu Nation to the north and the Xhosa Nation to the south.

Historically, the disadvantaged areas have been characterised by vast rural communities struggling with poverty – both physically and spiritually.

In 1975 Crusade for Christ (CFC) was established by Rev. Ron and Sally Wesson to reach the unreached or under-reached for Christ where possible through the local church and to train and build up His church in this 8000 square kilometre mission field.