CfC Ministries exist to glorify God by serving, encouraging and empowering His Church, in order to fulfill the Great Commission in this generation.


CfC Ministries is a non-denominational mission organization that was started in 1975 by Rev. Dr. Ron Wesson. What started out as an evangelistic focussed ministry with tent campaigns and “deeper life preaching”, has now become a more comprehensive mission addressing more needs due to the changing needs in ministry. Many converts were reached and as a result churches were established which led to the need to raise up and equip leaders for these churches.

After 40 years of ministry, Crusade for Christ, or CfC Ministries, have committed itself to develop and expand its ministry focus in order to make disciples that would follow Jesus in all aspects of life.

CfC Ministries is a non-profit organization registered with the South African Government Social Development Department (NPO 058-158) and is directed by a Council of six people from various denominations and backgrounds.

The current Director is Rev. George Sander who has been in ministry the past 30 years with his wife Cecile. They served as missionaries in Lesotho and Madagascar as well as pastoring churches both in South Africa and Mauritius. He can be contacted for further information at .


Administration & Finances:
To adhere to a standard of administration, including the recording and reporting of finances in accordance with the International Financial Reporting standard for Small and Medium-sized entities. This includes the timely submission of reports to the Council and the Government as well as communication with supporters.

To develop a more sustainable support base for the ministry of CfC. This includes seeking ways to reduce costs; to enable Silver Oaks Retreat and Conference Centre to be self-financing; and to use and distribute resources in a manner that will be fair and will honour our donor’s wishes.

In order to do this we will endeavour to visit churches and partners, making CfC Ministries known and inviting potential partners to serve with their gifts and in kind.

Maintenance & Development:
To continue with the implementation of a good stewardship model to enable the wise and effective use of the property entrusted by God to CfC Ministries. This includes to service current buildings and resources regularly and effectively, as well as the continued development of new buildings and resources in order to serve the needs of Silver Oaks Retreat & Conference Centre, which also houses the offices and staff of CfC.

Gardens & Terrain:
God entrusted a beautiful piece of His creation to us to work and look after. We will endeavour to keep it neat and tidy, developing it in a way that would Honour Him. We will also seek to cultivate the land in order to become more self-sufficient, using that which is in abundance to provide an income for the ministry.

In line with the regular newsletters, published every 3 months, CfC Ministries will focus on promoting its work through an up-to-date website and Facebook page.

We will also seek to establish partnerships with churches and institutions, both locally and internationally, that will contribute to the expansion of this work both locally and internationally, especially as it relates to the skills development project but also the establishment of more Bible Training facilities for those who cannot afford traditional training methods.

To recruit suitably gifted staff that would serve the vision and purposes of CfC Ministries. Ministry staff should be committed followers of Christ with a love for God’s Church. They should develop a healthy relationship with a local church and become active participants in that local church. All ministry staff should preferably be self-supporting and sent out by their home church.

God blesses unity and therefore this will be the moto to which we will strive to work as a team. In order to facilitate these weekly staff meetings will be held as well as other times of prayer and fellowship. We will also seek ways to empower and develop our staff so that they can reach their full potential in Christ for the glory of God.

South Coast Bible School & Curriculum:
God has entrusted us with a very special curriculum for the training and equipping of servants for His Church. We will endeavour to teach God’s Word with fervour, seeking to equip more servants for His Church. This will be done in the following way:

  • Primary Level Training:
    To take training to the Local Church through a set curriculum to be taught by qualified trainers. The administration of said training will be in the domain of the local church and will be done on a seminar basis as required. CfC will develop and provide said curriculum.
  • Secondary Level Training:
    This consists of on-site training at Silver Oaks Retreat & Conference Centre on a quarterly basis. This set curriculum consists of 36 courses done for 5 days once a term on set dates (four times per year). This will be taught by experienced teachers that are well versed in the Scriptures and have had some theological training. The current curriculum will be revised and updated in order to make it more contextual and to improve the standard of training.
  • Tertiary Level Training:
    CfC Ministries would seek to partner with SATS and others in order to present a higher level of education for those who are capable. Africa needs Theologians that are soundly Bible based in order to address the challenges facing Africa. CfC Ministries would seek to identify such individuals that are able to be further trained and equipped and seek to enable them to pursue further education.

To this affect CfC Ministries would seek to establish a “training fund” that will help suitable candidates to pursue further education.

Extension Campuses:
The SCBS Curriculum is currently in use in 4 other locations: Tongaat – Bethany School of Missions; Emphangeni – Zululand School of Missions; Tylden – Light of the World School of Missions; and Phuza Moya (Swaziland) – Lubombo School of Missions. We will seek to expand the footprint into other areas, including other parts in Africa, through partnerships with local churches or ministries.

Other Training:
CfC Ministries will research the needs of the local church, seeking to develop and provide appropriate and relevant training seminars in order to assist and serve the local church. Such training would be done in partnership with and the assistance from other local churches.

Silver Oaks Retreat & Conference Centre:
Silver Oaks Retreat & Conference Centre exists to provide an affordable training and conference venue to God’s Church in order to see His church mature and strengthened through teaching and fellowship. It is therefore the aim to provide good quality, self-catering accommodation by effectively using the resources that God has given us.
The challenge is to make the best use of the current venues; to further develop and maintain it; and then to build new venues as required.

Outreach & Discipleship:
To seek ways to assist the local church to effectively reach out to their communities by providing relevant training for evangelism and discipleship to the local church.

The targeted area is within the footprint of CfC Ministries but with special emphasis on the communities surrounding the Centre. In order to do this successfully relationships needs to be established and strengthened with the local churches in the area. The SCBS contacts can serve as a launching pad but also contacts through the local fraternal of churches.

Outreach Team Facilitation:
In order to grow partnerships with local churches, CfC Ministries will endeavour to host short term outreach teams. The following could be arranged:
a. A Work Team serving on campus.
b. A Beach Mission – reaching out to those on holiday.
c. Outreach Partnership with some of the local churches in our footprint. This could include (1) team staying on the premises and commuting to outreach location; (2) living in a rural area serving a local church. Option (2) suitable only with small groups up to 10 people.
Whatever the option ample time is required for preparation especially option (c).

Life Skills Development:
We live in one of the poorest parts of South Africa with very high unemployment. This is also an area with one of the highest incidents of HIV AIDS and teenage pregnancies in Southern Africa. Adding to this, we live in an area where there are about 90 000 people on our doorstep, many of which are young adults without work or skills to find a job.

The aim of the life skills development strategy is not merely to help people to gain proficiency in skills in order to get a job, but itis part of the CfC Outreach & Discipleship ministry as we seek to reach the lost for Christ and to disciple those who came to faith in Christ, seeking to join them to Bible teaching churches.

Starting in 2016, CfC Ministries will endeavour to start a small scale “life skills development training program”. This will include basic training such as computer skills; building; carpentry; plumbing; baking; dress making; etc. Other life skills related to life i.e. relationships; life style choices; financial integrity; etc. will also be addressed. These will be expanded as assessment is made on the job market in the area. Other training such as small business skills as well as life skills will be taught.